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ClarityCon is an automotive conference presented by Paul J Daly and Congruent Automotive and is specifically designed to be an accessible event and aligning force across your entire dealership. This event is a unique opportunity for your team to engage with progressive and national thought leaders in the areas of: 

  • sales and pricing

  • marketing and branding

  • human capital strategy

  • organizational leadership


ClarityCon is better. National conferences may deliver cutting edge ideas and practices, but cost thousands to send only one or two team members. They also cost valuable time, and those who attend often return drained from travel.  

ClarityCon will accomplish it all in just one day. Send your entire team to be equipped, aligned, energized and inspired. They’ll leave with the clarity to connect with consumers, and each other. They’ll leave ready to drive your dealership to the front of the pack.  

View the speaker lineup from the first ClarityCon :


All-Access Format

ClarityCon is an all-access event where questions are encouraged as attendees interact directly with the top thought leaders of our industry. Your team will gain actionable insights, which will equip them to move the needle in your dealership now. 

One day, direct access, crystal clarity.


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