Welcome and thank you from the Congruent Automotive team

We can’t thank you enough for being a part of the very first ClarityCon. One of Paul’s goals is to bring YOU value through your participation however he can. So if there is anything we can do for you, please ask!

Please click here if you need a refresher of the event agenda.


May 8, 2019 | DoubleTree Hotel | Rochester, NY |

We hope you enjoy the whole conference, however, we understand your time is valuable. We ask that you arrive at least 1 hour prior to your presentation. Speaker Badges will be available for pick up upon arrival.

Upon arrival you will be greeted by Erin, who will meet you in the speaker conference room at the DoubleTree Hotel. We’ve reserved the Erie room for your use all day. The room will be supplied with water, coffee, and Wi-Fi for your convenience. This room will be secured for your belongings during your presentation.

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Hi, I am erin!

Here is my contact information:



Keynote Tech Requirements

The presentation deck aspect ratio needs to be 16x9.

Speaking Prep

  • 30 mins before your presentation, Erin will walk you to the A/V table to get mic’d and check your levels.

  • 5 mins before your presentation, Erin will guide you to the speaker entrance behind stage. Please note: your mic will be live right before you go on so please be aware.

You’ll be given a Slide Advancer control for on stage use to transition through your slide presentation. Please make sure to hand that back to A/V afterward.

After your presentation, Erin will bring you back to the A/V booth to remove the microphone.

Fireside Chat Prep

There will be two (2) Q&A panels on Leadership, Operations, and People Strategy throughout the day. We’re calling them Fireside Chats. We’ll be using Sli.do as our Q&A app. It’s super easy and really fun. The only thing you need to do is participate. Paul will moderate using his laptop as questions come in live and we’ll let the conversation take shape. Anyone with the room code can submit questions and upvote as the session evolves. It should be very interactive.

The first fireside chat is at 11:45am featuring the morning speakers.

The second fireside chat is at 4:15pm featuring all speakers.

Please meet Erin in the speaker conference room 30 minutes before to get mic’d. She will then lead you backstage where you’ll hang out until announced. Thank you!

Wifi instructions

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 1.51.38 PM.png

Microphone Options

We have three microphone options for the event. Our recommendation for the best sound quality is the wireless countryman E6. If you wish to use a different microphone please contact Danielle: danielle@congruentstory.com.

The handheld microphones will be provided on stage for the fireside panel discussions.


Wireless Countryman E6 Head-Wear

Wireless HandHeld

Wireless LAV


  • Congruent will be conducting speaker interviews throughout the day as allowed. Please coordinate with Erin for your availability.

Event Schedule


Please contact danielle@congruentstory.com with any questions regarding the event, presentation, or special accommodations.